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African American Newspapers

  • Vendor: Accessible Archives

Full-text of articles from major African American newspapers published in the United States in the 19th century. Includes: Freedom's Journal, The Colored American, The North Star, The National Era, Provincial Freeman, Frederick Douglass Paper, The Christian Recorder, Freedmen's Record, and The Negro Business League Herald. Coverage 1827-1909.

African American Newspapers 1827-1998

  • Vendor: Newsbank

Newspaper content from more than 35 states. Covers topics from life in the Antebellum South to the long Civil Rights Movement, and beyond.

Art & Architecture Archive

  • Vendor: ProQuest

An Archive comprised of full-color scans of art magazines, coverage ranges from the late 19th century to the 21st century. Scans are searchable and full-text.

Black Studies Center

  • Vendor: ProQuest

A fully cross-searchable gateway to Black Studies including scholarly essays, recent periodicals, historical newspaper articles, images, and much more. Includes the Schomburg Studies on the Black Experience, citations and abstracts from the International Index to Black Periodicals, and index to the Black Literature Index microfiche collection.

Cook Political Report

  • Vendor: Cook Political Report

. This database contains analyses and ratings developed by the publishers, independent, non-partisan staff that analyze elections and campaigns for the US House of Representatives, US Senate, Governors and President as well as American political trends. The ratings are unique and cover the 2020 elections races. There are also timely news articles written by the political analysts. Note: Contact the Political Science & Government librarian for username and password.

Donga Ilbo / Tonga Ilbo Archive

  • Vendor: Dongo Ilbo

Searchable metadata and full-image reproductions of the South Korean newspaper, 1920-present, in PDF format. Recent editions also have searchable full text. Note: On-campus access only.


  • Vendor: Duxiu

Full-text Chinese journal articles, books, newspapers, theses, conference proceedings, and video clips. Comprehensive coverage. Full text delivered to email if not instantly available from the database.

Ethnic Newswatch

  • Vendor: ProQuest

Full text articles from newspapers, magazines, and journals of the ethnic and minority press. Covers 1960-present

Gale NewsVault

  • Vendor: Gale

Includes the Economist Historical Archive (1843-2010); Times Digital Archive (1785-2008); and Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive (1902-2009).

Global Newsstream

  • Vendor: ProQuest

Large collection of news (newspapers, newswires, blogs, and news sites) from the US, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Australia. 1980s-present


  • Vendor:

Background information and news stories in the fields of defense, space, intelligence, weapons of mass destruction, and homeland security.


  • Vendor: Environment & Energy Publishing

Independently owned news organization focusing on energy and the environment in the U.S. Includes Greenwire only.

International Newsstand

  • Vendor: ProQuest

Full-text English language translations of foreign news service articles, translations of foreign speeches and other news items. Covers significant socioeconomic, political, scientific, technical, environmental issues and current events throughout the world. Selected full text from 1991.

International Newsstream

(International Newsstand)
  • Vendor: ProQuest

Some of the world's top news sources. Includes titles such as, The Bangkok Post, El Norte, Financial Times, The Guardian, Jerusalem Post, South China Morning Post, The Daily Telegraph, Asian Wall Street Journal, and the BBC Monitoring series of publications.

Japan Advertiser

  • Vendor: Eastview

Digital archive (1913-1940) of the English newspaper published in Japan. Includes news articles, stories , and advertising that introduces Japanese culture, and reflects the social and economic climate of those times. Full image/full text searchable.

Kikuzo II Visual Database

  • Vendor: Kinokuniya Bookstores of America

Contains full text of Asahi Shimbun, from its first edition in 1879 (Meiji 12) to today; Shukan Asahi, AERA, 1985 to present; and the Image Database of Post-WWII Showa Period (1945-1989) and Heisei Period (1989-1999) of the Asahi Shimbun Reduced-size Facsimile Edition; and Contemporary Dictionary Chiezo, updated annually.
Limited to 2 simultaneous users.

Late Qing and Republican-Era Chinese Newspapers

(Global Press Archive, CRL)
  • Vendor: Eastview

Chinese newspaper published in China, late 19th century - 1949. Reflecting Chinese life, culture, and politics throughout the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, the years of provisional government and civil war, and the birth of the People’s Republic. Including 華北新報,實報,東南日報,立報,鉄報,時事新報,新申報,群力報,中央日報,新華日報,武漢日報,大公晚報,西南日報.

Latin American News Digest

  • Vendor: LA News Digest

Summaries and analysis of aggregated news coverage across the Latin American region, by topic.

Left Index

  • Vendor: EBSCOhost

Journal articles, newspapers and magazines from the political and social left from 1901-present


Full-text database of over 200 Korean magazines currently published in South Korea. Back issues of most titles are available for the past 2-3 years. Artcile level full text browsable and searchable. Covered subjects include Current issues & Economy; Computer & Internet; Science & Technology; Culture & Arts; Education & Literature; Fashion & Life style; Travel & Sports. June 2 - September 30, 2020.

Nexis Uni

(LexisNexis Academic, Lexis)
  • Vendor: LexisNexis

Law, News and Business Database.
Full text news articles, law journal articles, court cases, briefs, legal codes, and SEC filings. Users can Shepardize court cases and then read the full text of the related decisions. Most publications are covered 1980-present. The best place to find interview transcripts from television and radio.

Nikkei Telecom 21

  • Vendor: Nikkei Digital Media

News articles from Nikkei and other Japanese national and local newspapers and magazines on business, finance, statistics, personnel information, and corporate profiles. Current as well as archive search back to 1975. Full text downloadable in PDF. Mostly in Japanese. Select English news.

People's Daily 人民日报图文数据库 (1946-)

(Ren Min Ri Bao)
  • Vendor: People's Daily Archive

The official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party. Contains government policy information and resolutions as well as major domestic and international news, 1946-present. Full text searchable and browsable. Original layout of the newspaper browsable and presented in image format.

Proquest Historical Black Newspapers

  • Vendor: ProQuest

Contains: Atlanta Daily World, (1931-2003); Baltimore Afro-American, (1893-1988); Chicago Defender, (1909-1975); Cleveland Call and Post, (1934-1991); Los Angeles Sentinel, (1934-2005); New York Amsterdam News, (1922-1993); Norfolk Journal and Guide, (1916-2003); Philadelphia Tribune, (1912-2001); and Pittsburgh Courier, (1911-2002).

Proquest Historical Newspapers

  • Vendor: ProQuest

Contains: Atlanta Daily World, (1931-2003); Baltimore Afro-American, (1893-1988); Boston Globe (1872-1986); Chicago Defender, (1909-1975); Chinese Newspaper Collection (1832-1953); Cleveland Call and Post, (1934-1991); The Globe & Mail (1844-2014); The Guardian & The Observer (1791-2003); Korea Times (1956-2016); Los Angeles Sentinel, (1934-2005); Los Angeles Times, (1881-1993); New York Amsterdam News, (1922-1993); New York Times, (1851-2013); Norfolk Journal and Guide, (1916-2003); Philadelphia Tribune, (1912-2001); Pittsburgh Courier, (1911-2002); and the San Francisco Chronicle, (1865-1922). South China Morning Post (1903-1998); Times of India (1838-2008)

Rafu Shimpo Digital Archive

  • Vendor: Eastview

The oldest currently published Japanese American newspaper, from 1904-2018, with a link to current issues. In Japanese and English; mostly in Japanese before 1947 and mostly in English since 1947. Suspended publication during the internment of Japanese American citizens from 1942-1945.

Regional Business News

  • Vendor: EBSCOhost

Full text coverage for business publications such as journals, newspapers and newswires from all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States. Updated on a daily basis,1990 - present.

Sacramento Bee (1857-current)

  • Vendor: Newsbank

Full page scanned images of the entire newspaper (articles, photos, ads, etc.), from 1857-1983; 1984 - present includes text of articles only (no images or ads).

San Diego Union-Tribune (1871-current)

  • Vendor: Newsbank

Full page scanned images of the entire newspaper (articles, photos, ads, etc.), from 1871-1983; 1984- present includes text of articles only (no images or ads).

Taiwan Minpao (1920-1932) 台灣民報

  • Vendor: Transmission Books & Microinfo Co., Ltd

Newspaper published in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial era. Includes the different incarnations of the newspaper, 台灣青年,台灣民報, and 台灣新民報. The database allows browsing by issue and searching for article titles, authors and keywords. June 17 - September 30, 2020.

Times of India, Historical

  • Vendor: ProQuest

Digitized full text of English daily newspaper founded in 1838 to serve British residents of West India. (1838 - 2008)


  • Vendor: Voxgov

Links to official and ephemeral information issued by all branches of the U.S. Federal Government.

Wall Street Journal

  • Vendor: ProQuest

Full text coverage of articles from the Eastern edition,1984 - present.

World News Connection Archive

  • Vendor: Eastview

News (newspaper articles, television and radio broadcasts, online sources, conference proceedings, periodicals, and non-classified reports) from around the world collected and translated by and for the U.S. Government, 1995-2013.

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