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Format: Primary Sources (Archival)


Reference and primary sources in Korean history, literature, medicine and philosophy. Image files of original texts in classical Chinese, with searchable translations in Korean. Includes dictionaries, encyclopedia, and archival materials.

African American Poetry

Contains nearly 3,000 poems by African American poets of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, from the earliest published African American poems to the works of Paul Laurence Dunbar, the first African American poet to achieve national success and recognition.

Twentieth-Century African American Poetry

Features collection of poetry written by the most important and influential African American poets of the twentieth century. Coverage begins with the key writers of the early decades, continues with major figures of the Harlem Renaissance, the Black Arts movement of the 1960s, and concludes with a considerable body of writing of the 1980s and […]

Proquest Historical Black Newspapers

Contains: Atlanta Daily World, (1931-2003); Baltimore Afro-American, (1893-1988); Chicago Defender, (1909-1975); Cleveland Call and Post, (1934-1991); Los Angeles Sentinel, (1934-2005); New York Amsterdam News, (1922-1993); Norfolk Journal and Guide, (1916-2003); Philadelphia Tribune, (1912-2001); and Pittsburgh Courier, (1911-2002).

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