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Introducing our new division: Digital Strategies and Scholarship

January 1, 2019

Our newly created division, Digital Strategies and Scholarship, brings together previously disparate pieces of the library—from systems and technology to digital scholarly literacies and outputs—to support accessible, inclusive, and learner-centered technology use at the Library.

DSS staff are responsible for:
– liaising with TCC IT to keep our instruction software, public computers, and wi-fi running through the building, so everyone can have access.
– support for digital scholarship, including GIS support, data management, and help with research involving digital objects
– oversight of our digital library (CCDL), which houses our digital archives and collections, and institutional repository (Scholarship@Claremont), which showcases the scholarship of Claremont students, faculty, and staff
– supporting staff IT needs, making sure librarians and staff have the technological tools they need to help users every day.
– oversight of library systems, including our catalog, to help users navigate our collections and find what they’re looking for.

This division brings together staff and responsibilities that were previously distributed throughout the library, from technical services to research and teaching. Gathering these tech-focused positions under one roof helps us serve users and staff more efficiently and effectively. Since the close of the new division’s first year, we’ve added two new staff to focus on data services and digital content.

The division is headed up by Jessica Davila, who moved into this role in June 2018. Jessica brings her hands-on reference and teaching experience from her three-year tenure as the STEM Team Leader in RTLS, as well as expertise in digital initiatives and technologies from her previous work at UC Riverside.