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Exhibitions and New Acquisitions in Special Collections and Libraries, 2017-2018

January 1, 2019

Two birds sit on a tree branch with flowers. Chinese lettering in upper left corner.

New Acquisitions in SCL

Special Collections supports The Claremont Colleges’ teaching and research missions by collecting and preserving original manuscripts, books, and other primary source materials of a rare or unique nature. We acquire new holdings predominately through donations and transfers, and purchase a select amount of material. We promote the use of our collections through outreach to faculty and students across campus, through exhibits, social media, and a variety of other means. Special Collections makes its collections accessible to Claremont students, faculty, and staff, scholarly researchers from outside Claremont, and the general public.

The Norman Gan Chao and Anne Lee Yao Papers

The Asian Library received a collection of photos and archival documents from Mr. Peter Yao, former mayor of the City of Claremont, and his sister, Margaret Yao, both alumni of The Claremont Colleges. Highlights of the collection includes photos taken by Peter’s father Norman Gan Chao Yao depicting various scenes in pre-1957 Hong Kong, as well as papers that document the immigration experience of one of the first Chinese American families in Claremont. The collection also includes a significant number of photographical works by Norman Yao for various Claremont Colleges’ curriculum or cultural events, or campus infrastructure development, which are valuable resources for TCCS’ institutional history. The Yao Family donated $7,000 to CCEPS for the initial organizing and physical processing of the collection.

The David Alexander Sir Max Beerbohm Collection

A collection of books, art, correspondence, and other primary sources by and about essayist and parodist Sir Max Beerbohm, collected by Pomona College President David Alexander, was given to Special Collections by Alexander’s family. President Alexander began collecting Beerbohm materials when he was at Oxford University in the early 1960s, and added significantly to his collection in the 1980s when he purchased the collection of Katherine “Kay” Mix, a noted Beerbohm scholar and friend of Dr. Alexander. Among the notable items in the collection are signed and inscribed editions; original correspondence; original drawings; and a suite of Beerbohm’s caricatures of political and literary figures of early 20th-century Britain.

Exhibitions in Special Collections and Libraries

Text and Image: East Asian Rare Books and Art Works at the Claremont Colleges

From February to June 2018, the Asian Library hosted an exhibition of East Asian rare books and art works collected at the Claremont Colleges. Ranging from the early 11th century to the early 20th century, these works exemplify unique features and characteristics of traditional East Asian books and prints. A Claremont Discourse panel by Professors Allan Barr, Bruce Coats, Zhiru Ng, and Feng Xiao kicked off the opening of the exhibition, highlighted the teaching and research value of these resources, and acknowledged donors whose generosity created the collections and keeps them in pristine condition. View the digitally archived exhibit here