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Subject: Ancient Greek & Roman History

HathiTrust Digital Library

Digitized books and magazines. Full-text available of out-of-copyright works. To download as a PDF, click Log In button and select your college.

Digital Loeb Classical Library

Greek and Latin literature with English translations – epic and lyric poetry, tragedy, comedy, history, travel, philosophy, oratory, medical writers, mathematicians, and Church Fathers.

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae

Greek literature from antiquity to the present. Note: Create a personal account in order to use the database.

L’Annee Philologique

Abstracts for scholarly articles and books about Greek and Roman literature, philosophy and history.

Academic Search Premier

A multidisciplinary database for peer-reviewed journals, newspapers and magazines, and some trade publications.

Patrologia Latina

Online access to 1st ed. of Jacques-Paul Migne’s text (1844-1855) and indexes 1862-1865); works of Church Fathers from Tertullian (200 AD) to Pope Innocent III’s death (1216).