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Subject: Chinese

Foreign Office Files for China, 1910-1980

Covering China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Includes diplomatic dispatches, correspondence, newspaper cuttings, maps, reports of court cases, biographies of leading personalities, summaries of events In six parts: 1919-1929: Kuomintang, CCP and the Third International; 1930-1937: The Long March, civil war in China and the Manchurian Crisis; 1938-1948: Open Door, Japanese war and the seeds of […]

Scripta Sinica

Full-text classics of Chinese history, literature, philosophy, and religion. Compiled by the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica in Taiwan. Search or browse subjects and titles using the traditional Chinese siku classification.

China: Trade, Politics and Culture 1793-1980

Manuscript, missionary periodicals, atlases, and books detailing China’s interaction with the west, and key historical events from multiple perspectives: politicians, diplomats, missionary, businessmen, and tourists.

China, America and the Pacific

Archival materials such as manuscripts, rare books, visual images, objects and maps documenting the cultural and trading relationships between America, China and the Pacific region, 18th-early 20th centuries. Themes include: Old China Trade (roughly 1783-1844); Early commercial development of New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Salem, Providence, Baltimore; Maritime routes between East and West Coasts (before overland […]

China: Culture and Society

Primary documents such as addresses and speeches, annual reports,Guides and manuals, meeting minutes, notes and records, etc. that record various aspects of Chinese culture and society, 1750-1929. Themes include Chinese diaspora; foreign presence in China; foreign relations and diplomacy; international conflict and invasion; missionaries and Christianity; opium: trade, consumption, policy; rebellion and revolution; language and […]

CNKI AcademicFocus

Original English Journals published in China; Chinese Journals translated into English; and English proceedings of international conferences. Subject coverage includes environmental studies and related subject fields that focus on China and other parts of Asia.

Kikuzo II Visual Database

Contains full text of Asahi Shimbun, from its first edition in 1879 (Meiji 12) to today; Shukan Asahi, AERA, 1985 to present; and the Image Database of Post-WWII Showa Period (1945-1989) and Heisei Period (1989-1999) of the Asahi Shimbun Reduced-size Facsimile Edition; and Contemporary Dictionary Chiezo, updated annually. Only 2 simultaneous users can access at […]

HathiTrust Digital Library

Digitized books and magazines. Full-text available of out-of-copyright works. To download as a PDF, click Log In button and select your college.