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Academic Search Premier

  • Best Bet
  • Popular Sources | Scholarly Sources
  • Vendor: EBSCOhost

A multidisciplinary database for peer-reviewed journals, newspapers and magazines, and some trade publications.

Bibliography of Asian Studies

(BAS Online)
  • Best Bet
  • Scholarly Sources
  • Vendor: EBSCOhost

Citations for western-language monographs, articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings on all parts of Asia. 1971-Present.


  • Best Bet
  • E-books | Newspapers & News Sources | Reference Sources | Scholarly Sources
  • Vendor: Duxiu

Full-text Chinese journal articles, books, newspapers, theses, conference proceedings, and video clips. Comprehensive coverage. Full text delivered to email if not instantly available from the database.

Scripta Sinica

  • Best Bet
  • E-books | Primary Sources (Archival) | Reference Sources
  • Vendor: Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica

Full-text classics of Chinese history, literature, philosophy, and religion. Compiled by the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica in Taiwan. Search or browse subjects and titles using the traditional Chinese siku classification.

China Academic Journals (CAJ)

  • Scholarly Sources
  • Vendor: Tsinghua Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology

Full-text articles from Chinese journals in humanities and social sciences, and citations for articles from other disciplines. 1951 - present; some journals date back earlier, to the first issue.

China Data Online

  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: All China Marketing Research

Census, social and natural science data on China. Includes yearbooks and statistics by region, industry, month, and year. Good for statistics at county, city, provincial, and national level.

China Knowledge Resource Integrated Database (KNS) 中國知網數據庫

  • Dissertations & Theses | E-books | Reference Sources | Scholarly Sources
  • Vendor: Tsinghua Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology

A portal of 20 databases developed by China Knowledge CNKI(China National Knowledge Network 中國知網), covering academic books, journals, master thesis, doctoral dissertations, conference proceedings, core newspapers, statistical yearbooks, data analysis, and population census. Full text search, browsing, download and print. May 22 - September 30, 2020.

China, America and the Pacific

(AM Explorer)
  • Primary Sources (Archival)
  • Vendor: Adam Matthew

Archival materials such as manuscripts, rare books, visual images, objects and maps documenting the cultural and trading relationships between America, China and the Pacific region, 18th-early 20th centuries. Themes include: Old China Trade (roughly 1783-1844); Early commercial development of New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Salem, Providence, Baltimore; Maritime routes between East and West Coasts (before overland trails); Development of Hawaii as key American trading post before annexation; Chinese-American cultural exchange (including 19th century Chinese immigration); Commodities of the China trade; Fur Trade in Northwest Pacific; Diplomacy and politics of America and the Far East.

China: Culture and Society

(AM Explorer)
  • Primary Sources (Archival)
  • Vendor: Adam Matthew

Primary documents such as addresses and speeches, annual reports,Guides and manuals, meeting minutes, notes and records, etc. that record various aspects of Chinese culture and society, 1750-1929. Themes include Chinese diaspora; foreign presence in China; foreign relations and diplomacy; international conflict and invasion; missionaries and Christianity; opium: trade, consumption, policy; rebellion and revolution; language and writing; arts and artefacts, literature, poetry, folklore, etc.

China: Trade, Politics and Culture 1793-1980

  • Primary Sources (Archival)
  • Vendor: Adam Matthew

Manuscript, missionary periodicals, atlases, and books detailing China's interaction with the west, and key historical events from multiple perspectives: politicians, diplomats, missionary, businessmen, and tourists.

CNKI AcademicFocus

  • Scholarly Sources
  • Vendor: Tsinghua Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology

Original English Journals published in China; Chinese Journals translated into English; and English proceedings of international conferences. Subject coverage includes environmental studies and related subject fields that focus on China and other parts of Asia.

Diaolong Full-text database of Chinese and Japanese ancient books 雕龍 -- 中日古籍全文資料庫

  • E-books | Primary Sources (Archival) | Reference Sources
  • Vendor: CEPIEC

Consists of 10 sub-databases covering Chinese and Japanese historical, political, economic, religious, philosophic, literary, ethnic and geographic documents, such as Daozang 道藏, Daozang jiyao 道藏辑要, Sibu congkan 四部叢刊, Yongle dadian 永樂大典, Gujin tushu jicheng 古今圖書集成, Siku quanshu 四庫全書, and more. Full text searchable across databases. May 18 - September 30, 2020.

Foreign Office Files for China, 1910-1980

(AM Explorer)
  • Primary Sources (Archival)
  • Vendor: Adam Matthew

Covering China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Includes diplomatic dispatches, correspondence, newspaper cuttings, maps, reports of court cases, biographies of leading personalities, summaries of events. In six parts: 1919-1929: Kuomintang, CCP and the Third International; 1930-1937: The Long March, civil war in China and the Manchurian Crisis; 1938-1948: Open Door, Japanese war and the seeds of communist victory; 1949-1956: The Communist revolution; 1957-1966: The Great Leap Forward; 1967-1980: The Cultural Revolution.

HathiTrust Digital Library

  • E-books | Primary Sources (Archival)
  • Vendor: Hathitrust

Digitized books and magazines. Full-text available of out-of-copyright works. To download as a PDF, click Log In button and select your college.

Internet Archive's Open Library

  • E-books | Images | Videos
  • Vendor: Internet Archive

Like a physical library, the Internet Archive provides free access to digitized books. The archive contains 330 billion web pages, 20 million books and texts, 4.5 million audio recordings (including 180,000 live concerts), 4 million videos, (including 1.6 million TV news programs, 3 million image, and 200,000 software programs.


  • E-books | Scholarly Sources
  • Vendor: JSTOR

A growing full text collection of scholarly journals in the humanities and social sciences. Most titles only include backfiles (some as far back as the early 1800s), with only some current content. Also includes university press ebooks.

Kikuzo II Visual Database

  • Images | Newspapers & News Sources | Primary Sources (Archival)
  • Vendor: Kinokuniya Bookstores of America

Contains full text of Asahi Shimbun, from its first edition in 1879 (Meiji 12) to today; Shukan Asahi, AERA, 1985 to present; and the Image Database of Post-WWII Showa Period (1945-1989) and Heisei Period (1989-1999) of the Asahi Shimbun Reduced-size Facsimile Edition; and Contemporary Dictionary Chiezo, updated annually.
Limited to 2 simultaneous users.

Late Qing and Republican-Era Chinese Newspapers

(Global Press Archive, CRL)
  • Newspapers & News Sources | Primary Sources (Archival)
  • Vendor: Eastview

Chinese newspaper published in China, late 19th century - 1949. Reflecting Chinese life, culture, and politics throughout the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, the years of provisional government and civil war, and the birth of the People’s Republic. Including 華北新報,實報,東南日報,立報,鉄報,時事新報,新申報,群力報,中央日報,新華日報,武漢日報,大公晚報,西南日報.

MLA International Bibliography

(Modern Language Association)
  • Dissertations & Theses | Reference Sources | Scholarly Sources
  • Vendor: EBSCOhost

The main database of critical scholarship on all modern literatures and languages, linguistics and folklore. Also useful for film and media studies. Citations from 1963-present.

People's Daily 人民日报图文数据库 (1946-)

(Ren Min Ri Bao)
  • Newspapers & News Sources | Primary Sources (Archival)
  • Vendor: People's Daily Archive

The official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party. Contains government policy information and resolutions as well as major domestic and international news, 1946-present. Full text searchable and browsable. Original layout of the newspaper browsable and presented in image format.

Taiwan Minpao (1920-1932) 台灣民報

  • Newspapers & News Sources | Primary Sources (Archival)
  • Vendor: Transmission Books & Microinfo Co., Ltd

Newspaper published in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial era. Includes the different incarnations of the newspaper, 台灣青年,台灣民報, and 台灣新民報. The database allows browsing by issue and searching for article titles, authors and keywords. June 17 - September 30, 2020.

Zhongguo Di Fang Li Shi Wen Xian Shu Ju Ku (Chinese Historical Local Archives Database) 中国地方历史文献数据库

  • Data & Statistics | E-books | Primary Sources (Archival) | Reference Sources
  • Vendor: China International Book Trading Corporation

Contains Chinese archival documents at local levels from Wanli period of Ming dynasty1573-1620) to the Republic era (1911-1949). Includes land contracts, account books, administration records, tax and litigation documents, personal correspondence, daily accounts, family etiquettes, religion, genealogy, and reference tools for daily life and civil service examination. Full text searchable by resource categories, dynastical periods, household regions, and family names. May 13 - September 30, 2020.

Zhonghua Zai Zao Shan Ben Shu Ju Ku 中華再造善本數據庫(China Rare Book Reprinted Collection)

  • E-books | Primary Sources (Archival)
  • Vendor: National Library of China

Contains more than 1,300 facsimiles Chinese rare books covering the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing periods. These books were selected by experts from the unique editions and manuscripts housed in more than 50 domestic and overseas institutions including the National Library of China, Shanghai Library, Peking University Library, and the British Library. High-resolution color images very close to the original, including the specific details of the edition. The collection is organized chronologically into five divisions by dynastic sequence, from Tang to Qing dynasties. Each division is classified per the four-fold classifications of Jing Shi Zi Ji 經史子集. May 13 - September 30, 2020.

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