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Subject: Cultural Studies

Victorian Popular Culture

Primary sources of Victorian popular culture across Britain, America and Europe in the 19th-early 20th century.

Mass Observation Online

Original manuscript and typescript papers created and collected by the Mass Observation organization, as well as printed publications, photographs and interactive features on everyday life in Britain from 1937-1950s

Food Studies Online

Videos, books, articles, and primary sources covering the implications of food in social, historical, economic, cultural and religious contexts.

NAACP Papers

Digitized papers related to the NAACP in 6 modules: 1) : Board of Directors, Annual Conferences, Major Speeches, and National Staff Files; 2) Branch Department, Branch Files, and Youth Department Files; 3) Special Subjects; 4) Major Campaigns: Education, Voting, Housing, Employment, Armed Forces; 5) Major Campaigns: Anti-Lynching, Criminal Justice, Peonage, Labor, Segregation and Discrimination Complaints […]