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California State Geoportal

  • Best Bet
  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: California

The California State Geoportal is a centralized geographic open data portal, which includes authoritative data and applications from a multitude of California state entities. The portal runs on the ESRI ArcGIS Online Hub platform, which provides many tools to access and view data and maps. It also enables users to tap into the broader ESRI ArcGIS Online suite of tools, either with a free public account or with a paid subscription account. The California State Geoportal has many tools available to users to help locate, view datasets as well as build their own maps. For further information, please visit the portal training page at

Gallup Analytics

  • Best Bet
  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: Gallup

U.S. and global data and metrics parsed by demographic and socio-economic group

O’Reilly Safari Learning Platform: Academic edition

  • Best Bet
  • E-books | Videos
  • Vendor: O'Reilly Safari Proquest

E-learning platform with mobile app available. Ebooks and instructional videos in the categories of Data, Hardware, Security, Software Development, System Administration, and Web & Mobile development; plus Business, Career Development, Design, Math, Science, Engineering, and Travel & Hobbies.


  • Best Bet
  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor:

Statistics on a wide variety of topics related to industry and finance; international in scope. Updated variably and dates of coverage vary. Mostly 2008 - present.

World Development Indicators

(World Bank)
  • Best Bet
  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: World Bank

Economic data for more than 200 countries from the World Bank and other organizations. Includes the 526 data series which has income group data. Data back to 1960 where available.

WRDS Faculty/Graduate Access

(I/B/E/S; Compustat; Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP); Thomson Reuters Institutional Holdings (13F) database; Wharton research data services; CUSIP; Institutional Shareholder Services formerly RiskMetrics); Fama French; Execucomp; Penn)
  • Best Bet
  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: Wharton

Analytics and historical financial and accounting data for corporations and banks, historical economic data and more. Incorporates multiple datasets. Comprehensive financial data extraction system (requires individual account; immediate access available - approval usually @ 24 hrs - select Claremont McKenna College as the institution. Faculty, staff and graduate students have access to a slightly more robust set of data (in CRSP for example - back to 1925) .

WRDS Undergraduate/5 Day Access

(I/B/E/S; Compustat; Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP); Thomson Reuters Institutional Holdings (13F) database; Wharton research data services; CUSIP; Institutional Shareholder Services formerly RiskMetrics); Fama French; Execucomp; Penn)
  • Best Bet
  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: Wharton

Analytics and historical financial and accounting data for corporations and banks, historical economic data and more. Comprehensive financial data extraction system (requires individual account). Note - select Claremont McKenna College as the institution.

American Factfinder

  • Data & Statistics

Free Census data from several censuses and surveys. Provides access to data about the United States, Puerto Rico and the Island Areas. Downloadable. Directions available from the main web page. Some data back to 1895.

China Data Online

  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: All China Marketing Research

Census, social and natural science data on China. Includes yearbooks and statistics by region, industry, month, and year. Good for statistics at county, city, provincial, and national level.

  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: PRS Group

Political and economic data on over 140 countries and forecasts political risk ratings (from the International Country Risk Guide) from 1984 - present. Customizable downloading in multiple formats.

Cross-National Time-Series (CNTS) Data Archive

  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: Databanks International

Statistical information on domestic conflict, political, legislative and economic issues for a range of countries. 1815 - present. Data sets can be downloaded to Excel.

FRED Economic Data

(Federal Reserve Economic Data)
  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Regional and national financial and economic data, publications, working papers. Data sets can be downloaded to Excel. Graphs can be modified and downloaded.

Global Financial Data

  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: Global Financial Data

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The library subscribes to only the GFDatabase; not other segments.
Financial and economic data for many countries. Long runs of data on interest rates, exchange rates, stock market indices, commodity prices, and total returns on bonds and bills.Some data back to 1209. Most data downloadable.

Historical Statistics of the United States

  • Data & Statistics | Primary Sources (Archival) | Reference Sources
  • Vendor: Cambridge

Statistics on population, work, health, education, elections, industry, and economics. Some back to 1790, up through 2004. Most data updated by the Census Bureau web site. Can create custom tables which can also be downloaded, printed, or graphed.


  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: Mergent

Directory, company history, and financial data for companies and industries. Some limited data on private companies. Not all functionality available, such as downloading large numbers of companies to create lists.

IMF Data

(International Monetary Fund)
  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: IMF

Includes multiple databases: International Financial Statistics; Government Finance Statistics; Balance of Trade Statistics; and balance of payment statistics. Data from 1948 - present for some data points.

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(Roper Center)
  • Data & Statistics | Primary Sources (Archival)
  • Vendor: Roper

U.S. survey poll data since 1935. Covers opinions and behaviors with topical coverage on crime, politics, diplomacy and social behavior. Links from questions to study abstracts and questionnaires.

Latinobarómetro : opinion pública Latinoamericana

  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: Latinobarometer

An annual public opinion survey that highlights the opinions, attitudes, behaviors and values of the Latin American region as it relates to economic and political policies, the environment, gender and discrimination topics and issues, and much more. Latinobarometro Report is also published on the website's "Press" section.

Market Share Reporter

(Directory Library)
  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: Gale

Complete reports and statistics on market share by industry that covers 2012 to present. Includes corporate market shares, institutional shares, and brand market share.

Mergent Online

  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: Mergent

Historical financial data on companies (including international) current - 10 years previous. Customizable data extraction and download - some templates provided.

Penn World Tables

  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: UC Davis

Data on relative levels of income, output, input and productivity from 182 countries from 1950-2014.


  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: SimplyMap

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Creates thematic maps and reports using demographic, business, and marketing data with built in GPS locations. Select, sort, and compare data across multiple locations and build custom reports that can be exported to a spreadsheet for additional functionality.

Thomson Eikon

(Thomson One Banker)
  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: Thomson Reuters

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Contact the Services Desk or Mary Martin ( for username and password. Works best with Internet Explorer.
Company data, market data, news, country and economic data, analytics and trading tools. Includes Datastream with Worldscope. Updated daily, and historical equity information goes back as far as 1973, though coverage varies across countries and types of content. There are two interfaces: Web Access (using the login) and a download option for the Excel add-in. The Excel add-in allows you to create templates with more detail than Thomson One allows. Some features have not migrated to Thomson Eikon as of May 2017.

U.S. Political Stats

  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: CQ Press

Datasets and visualization tool covering all branches of the United States government. Includes biographical, campaign finances, demographics, economics, elections, voting, interest group, and presidential performance data. Datasets can be exported in Excel.

USA Trade Online

  • Data & Statistics
  • Vendor: U.S. Census Bureau

The official source of U.S. export and Import data. Must set up a free account (Click on "Sign up now" link to set it up). Data updated monthly from 2008 - present.

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