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Subject: English & Irish History

Literary Manuscripts Leeds

Facsimile images of 17th and 18th century poetry manuscripts from the Brotherton Library at the University of Leeds. Includes essays, biographies, and a paleography section.

Empire Online

Covering 1492-1969, documents from the UK Archives and many other institutions, including exploration journals and logs, letter books and correspondence, government papers, missionary papers, travel writing, slave papers, memoirs, fiction, folk tales, marketing poster and maps.

First World War Portal

Documents from Institutions in the UK, Germany, and North America. Includes Diaries and Journals, Films, Leaflets, Memoirs, Notebooks, Official Papers, Pamphlets, Reports, Tribunal Cases, Trench Literature, Posters, Ordinances, Camp Newspapers, Aerial Photographs, Greeting Cards and other Ephemera.

Earl George Macartney Collection

A collection of letters , journals and other documents from the diplomatic mission of Earl George Macartney, who was sent to China by George III from 1792-1794. Provides a picture of both China and English diplomacy during the late 18th Century.

Political Extremism and Radicalism

Primary Sources (books, pamphlets, newspapers, newsletters, posters) from far-right and far-left groups of the 20th Century in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia.