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Subject: U.S. History

Empire Online

Covering 1492-1969, documents from the UK Archives and many other institutions, including exploration journals and logs, letter books and correspondence, government papers, missionary papers, travel writing, slave papers, memoirs, fiction, folk tales, marketing poster and maps.

AM Explorer

AM Explorer provides access to all of primary sources collections from the publisher Adam Matthew. These include collections from European History, US History, Asian History, Religious Studies, African History, Latin American History, Middle Eastern History, English Literature, and Economic history.

Age of Exploration

A collection of primary source documents from 1420-1920 covering world exploration. Documents include diaries and journals, manuscripts, maps, scientific papers & surveys , logbooks, documents, film and audio.

American Consumer Culture

Includes historical catalogs, marketing material, market research reports, photographs, pilot studies and letters – all major source material for the study of American consumerism and culture from the 19th-20th Century.

American History, 1493-1945

A large collection of primary source documents from American History from 1493-1945, including books, broadsides, business and financial documents, correspondence, diaries, government documents, pamphlets and photographs.

Colonial America

Includes Diaries, broadsides , landholding documents, legal documents and legislation, petitions, from the Colonial Office files in the National Archives, UK. Covering the period 1606-1822 .

Religions of America

Primary and secondary materials on America’s new religious and spiritual groups, churches, temples, and associations, 19th – 20th centuries.

Rafu Shimpo Digital Archive

The oldest currently published Japanese American newspaper, from 1904-2018, with a link to current issues. In Japanese and English; mostly in Japanese before 1947 and mostly in English since 1947. Suspended publication during the internment of Japanese American citizens from 1942-1945.