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Format: Reference Sources

Gun Regulation and Legislation in America

Periodicals, scholarly articles, key compiled federal legislative histories, relevant congressional hearings, CRS (Congressional Research Service) Reports, and Supreme Court briefs.

Black Loyalist

Primary, biographical, and demographic sources about African Americans who were promised freedom and were loyal to British Crown during the American Revolution

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

Reference source with chemical data and physical property information for inorganic and organic compounds. A good first place to check for commonly needed data, as well as units and conversion factors, and health and safety information.

International Encyclopedia of Dance

Online access to the 6-volume print edition (1998) including folk, traditional, and social dance as well as dance forms and biographies of dancers and choreographers.

Oxford Dictionary of Dance

Online access to 2nd edition (2010) of the print; short entries cover classical ballet, modern, hip-hop, and international dance forms.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance

Online access to 2-volume print version (2003); articles from Greek theatre to present about theatre, dance, opera, radio, film, television, and popular performance, including carnivals, circus, and public performances. Allows only one user at a time.