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Course Readings

The library acquires all course materials submitted to the bookstore and requested by faculty. Search for course readings, request titles be added, and learn more about the program below.

How do I find the materials being used for my course?

To find your course materials, use the search bar above (search by course or professor name) or use Library Search to search for the title of the item.

Can’t find the item you’re looking for? The Library aims to have all course materials available by the first day of the semester, but there may be delays for requests that were submitted less than two weeks before the start of the semester. Please ask at the Main Services Desk if you have any questions about accessing Course Readings or contact us at

Information for Students
  • The Library makes books, DVDs, and other course materials available online or in print on the 1st floor in our Course Readings Area (located by the Main Services Desk)
  • These materials are meant to be easily accessible to your entire class throughout the semester. Print materials can be borrowed for 4- hours at a time. Electronic resources can be accessed directly from the Library website (loan periods and access restrictions may vary).
  • Articles and other electronic reserves for your classes are available on your Sakai or Canvas course sites.
Information for Faculty

To submit a Course Readings (Reserve) request, you have two options:

  1. Submit your list to the Huntley Bookstore. Any requests submitted to the bookstore at least 2 weeks before the start of the semester will be received by the library.
  2. Complete our Course Readings Submission Form. If you submit your list to the bookstore, you do not need to complete this form.

Timelines vary depending on the availability of items and the number of requests received. We aim to have all course materials that have been requested up to 2 weeks before the start of the semester available by the time the semester begins.

Subject Librarians are available to work with faculty to identify course materials with an e-copy available.

The Library will obtain an e-copy of course reading materials whenever possible, but most textbook publishers do not provide electronic purchasing options for libraries. If a Course Reading title is not available as an e-copy, scans of print books may be requested. You can post these scans on Sakai or Canvas.

Personal Copies

The Library makes every attempt to acquire all materials for courses taught at The Claremont Colleges. We do not accept personal items for Course Readings (Reserves) except in rare cases when we are unable to acquire a copy of the item for our collection. To inquire about the possibility of submitting a personal copy for Course Readings, please contact us at Donations of items for Course Readings can be made in accordance with the Library’s collection policy.

For personal copies that are submitted for Course Readings: 

  1. The Library can only accept one copy of a title
  2. The Library is not responsible if the personal copy is lost or damaged
  3. You are responsible for retrieving your item within a month of the semester ending (we will send a reminder to your campus email address). Items that are not picked up or requested to be returned via campus mail within a month will be considered donations to the Library.

By submitting a personal copy for Course Readings, you agree to the above terms.

Questions about Course Readings?