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Important Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Library building CLOSED until further notice.
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Course Readings

The library acquires all materials listed on syllabi and submitted to the bookstore. Search for course readings, request titles be added, and learn more about the program below.

COVID-19 Update: April 3, 2020
  • As of 3/26/20 the Library has acquired e-copies of course readings for which we have records (from the Huntley bookstore) and an electronic copy is available for us to license. This covers about 80% of all course readings. Please check this Course Reserves page on the library’s website to see if an e-option is available.
    • Please be aware that RedShelf (an e-textbook direct-to-consumer platform) is providing students up to seven free textbooks from participating publishers until 5/25/20. A free account is required to gain access. Search by ISBN or title.
      • A few other e-textbook platforms are offering similar deals: e.g., VitalSource
    • If the Course Reading title is not available online scans may be requested by TCC faculty via Resource Sharing to post on their Sakai or Canvas sites. Please specify which sections of the book are most important for us to scan.
    • Subject Librarians are available to work with faculty to identify alternative editions or titles if no e-copy of a requested book is available.
    • Be advised that due to an increase in the number of scanning requests and the limited staff working on site in the building we may not respond as quickly as we have in the past. We will do our best to meet your request as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Additionally, our ability to continue to go into the library building may change without notice. Please visit the Library’s Coronavirus news page for the latest updates.
Information for Students

Course Readings at CCL

  • Books, DVDs, and other course materials on reserve are available on the 2nd floor of the library in our Course Readings Area.
  • These materials are meant to be easily accessible to your entire class throughout the semester. Students can use these materials in the library or check them out for 4 hours at a time.
  • Please ask at the Main Services Desk for assistance with any Course Readings materials.
  • Articles and other electronic reserves for your classes are available on your Sakai course sites.
Information for Faculty

All required readings you submit to the bookstore are automatically purchased by the library and added to Course Readings for your course. Only non-required items need to be submitted for Course Readings through the form below.

Submitting Items for Course Readings (Reserves)

Fill out the following form to have materials pulled and placed on Course Readings. Personal copies may be dropped off at the Main Services Desk or sent through campus mail: Attention – User Services Course Readings

Personal copies: We will place personal copies of books and other materials on course readings. These items will be available in our Course Readings Area where students can easily access them. We may place a barcode and other identifying labels on a book; the library is not responsible for lost or damaged items. Students may use these items quite heavily; we cannot guarantee their condition when they are returned to you.

Reserve Policy Statement

By placing items on reserve for your students, you assume responsibility for the copyright/fair use evaluation of all materials before submitting them to the library for processing.

Due to the limited space available for reserves, the library cannot provide long-term storage of books or readings. Books and readings are removed from reserves and returned to the stacks or the professor at the end of each semester.

Questions about Course Readings
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