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Digital Scholarship

These are some of the most frequently used tools and approaches at Claremont for digital scholarship/digital humanities work across many disciplines

This is an evolving list as the field is rapidly changing. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or questions related to digital scholarship support

Statistical analysis

Many of the proprietary tools used for statistical analysis at Claremont (including Stata and SPSS) are licensed through individual colleges’ IT departments. Some vendors may be providing individual licenses during campus closures. Check with your college’s IT office for more information as they will be the ones authorized to provide students with license keys.

SPSS provides a free 14-day trial version.

R / RStudio
Is a free and open-source platform for quantitative analysis and visualization. You can find more information and links to tutorials in the NEW R for Statistical Analysis Guide.

Text Mining and Analysis

HathiTrust Research Center Analytics
Offers a number of online tools for large-scale analysis of the works in the HathiTrust digital library.

Distant Reader
Distant Reader is an NSF-funded project hosted by the University of Notre Dame that can harvest web data and analyze (by creating concordances and other descriptive measures) large-scale text datasets.

Google Ngram viewer
An easy-to-use interface for searching words or phrases (n-grams) within the corpus of digitized Google Books.

Voyant Tools
Voyant Tools is a web-based reading and analysis environment for digital texts. This is a good place to start if you are new to text analysis and visualization.

Finding Datasets

Data and statistics library research guide
This guide provides an excellent starting point for locating a variety of governmental and business statistics, including guidance on the library’s subscription data and statistics sources.

Kaggle is a subsidiary of Google and provides a platform for an online community of data scientists – largely focusing on “big data” approaches. They host thousands of datasets, provide peer support and training, and host competitions. Datasets are not generally peer-reviewed and you will need to use the data at your own risk.

Zenodo is an open science dataset repository that largely hosts research data associated with scholarly publications in STEM fields.

Harvard’s Dataverse hosts curated research data from a variety of disciplines.

Building Websites and Digital Exhibits

The library hosts sites for students and faculty wishing to publish exhibits or digital projects on Omeka or Scalar. Please contact us below for more information.

Digital Scholarship Tutorials

Guides to help you hit the ground running with tools and platforms like Omeka, Scalar, and TimelineJS

Get Help with Digital Scholarship
Jeanine Finn
Data Science & Digital Scholarship Coordinator