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The Library currently provides access to nearly 200,000 streaming videos, including feature films, documentaries, recorded performances, and much more. We encourage faculty to review these resources to see if currently available content will meet their curricular needs.

Current Streaming Offerings

The Library currently subscribes to numerous streaming video databases, which provide cost-effective access to a vast catalog of streaming video titles. In addition, individual short-term licenses for select films are considered for purchase on request.

Some of the most popular streaming video databases include:

  • Academic Video Online – over 70,000 films covering a wide range of formats: documentaries (PBS, Film Platform, etc.), feature films (Sony Pictures Classics), news programs (BBC, CBS, CNN, etc.), performances, and much more.
  • Docuseek2 Complete – over 2,000 independent documentary films
  • Films on Demand – over 45,000 films from producers such as HBO, National Geographic, ABC, A&E, and more
  • Feature Films for Education – over 600 feature films
  • Kanopy Streaming Video – over 9,500 titles immediately accessible, including independent films, documentaries, and some “classic” films. Note: not all films from the full catalog are included in the subscription. Faculty can request additional films for teaching and research within the Kanopy platform
  • [Swank] Digital Campus: Streaming Film Database – hosts a large collection of current feature films. Note: the full catalog is not immediately accessible. Faculty can request films for teaching and research.

You can search for streaming video by keyword, title, subject or author (in the case of films, authors include the producer, director, and actors). You can also limit to only the streaming videos available from The Claremont Colleges Library after you do a search, using the filters on the left side of the results page.

Requesting Streaming Videos

If you do not find the streaming film you wish to assign for a course in the Library’s collection already, you may request an individual title by contacting your Subject Librarian or by using our Suggest a Library Purchase form.

Please keep in mind the following limitations in what the Library is able to do to support streaming videos:

  • Not all films are available for us to purchase or license as a streaming video for educational use.
  • Most films that are available in streaming format are only available for temporary licensing (1-3 years); it costs approximately $150 – $350 to license a single film.
  • A cost for perpetual streaming rights is typically $600 – $800 per film.
  • In order to ensure equitable distribution of streaming videos across departments and colleges, we only fulfill requests from faculty for use in their courses (with some exceptions). 
    • To gain access to films for personal research, DVDs can be requested through Resource Sharing. Also, alternative access to streaming platforms, like Kanopy, can often be found through public library systems, who offer a number of free videos per month to cardholders.
  • Amazon Prime, Hulu, Criterion Channel, Disney, and other popular streaming video platforms do not offer educational licenses for feature films, documentaries, or their original content. They are limited to personal accounts and not intended for classroom screenings.
    • Netflix is the only exception. They offer a limited number of documentaries and programs for one-time educational use in the classroom (but you must have a personal Netflix account to access). Find out more about this service on Netflix’s website.

We will do everything we can to support the curricular needs of all 7C faculty as they relate to streaming videos.

Ripping Videos

Due to copyright and licensing restrictions the Library does not copy (a.k.a., “rip”) and then stream films that are only available on DVD or VHS tape. Instead, we will attempt to acquire streaming rights for a film (see section on Educational Licenses below).

Educational Licenses for Streaming Videos

The Library currently acquires streaming videos primarily by licensing content, but sometimes we are able to acquire streaming videos through one time purchase where we obtain perpetual access.

There are a variety of license types: 

  • Licensing of curated database content, paying a yearly subscription. (e.g.: Academic Video Online)
  • Licensing individual titles at the request of faculty for a course from a distributor or vendor. (e.g., Women Make Movies, Kanopy, and Swank)
    • Individual films are typically licensed for a one-year, three-year, or a five-year period, and must be requested again to renew access when a license expires.
    • Sometimes we must purchase the DVD to obtain streaming rights. 
    • The Library will acquire a perpetual license whenever available. 
Streaming Video FAQs
Get Help with Finding Streaming Videos
  • Contact the Subject Librarian that supports your discipline to ask questions or get assistance with determining if we can obtain a film via one of our streaming video platforms.
  • If you’re not sure who the best person is to contact, you can also send us an email and a librarian will respond within 24 business hours: