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Welcome from Dean Janet Bishop

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to The Claremont Colleges Library, which has been dedicated to intellectual engagement and inquiry for more than 70 years. While we primarily support students and faculty across The Claremont Colleges consortium with their academic pursuits and research endeavors, we also serve as a center of learning for our local and regional communities.

Whether you are a student attempting to navigate the often-complex world of academic research, a faculty member in need of specific or unique materials, or a community member interested in visiting one of our ongoing exhibits — please know that we are committed to you and will always strive to provide an inclusive environment for all.  With this mission in mind, we are focused on creating a dynamic, equitable and welcoming presence for our users, honoring the diverse voices — and varied lived experiences — of our community and constituencies.

When visiting our Library building you will find quiet and collaborative study spaces, and a  wealth of invaluable resources to browse such as books, media, journals, and historic materials from our special collections. In addition, we provide a large collection of electronic resources that are conveniently accessible from anywhere with an internet connection via our website and have partnerships that allow us to borrow materials from various institutions around the world. With so many resources available, questions are inevitable and so I encourage you to reach out to our librarians and staff as we are always eager and happy to assist.

As a central hub for many across The Claremont Colleges community, and as part of The Claremont Colleges Services, I also invite you to participate in the Library’s various events, exhibits, and other programs that will help inform you about new fields of academic inquiry, assist with skill-building, enhance your study habits, and so much more. Please be sure to follow us on our social media channels and visit our events page to get the latest information on these activities.

We wish you nothing but success in your academic endeavors and look forward to working with you. Again, welcome, and please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

Janet Bishop

A. J. McFadden Dean of the Library

The Claremont Colleges Library