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Subject Locations by Call Number
Call Number Library Wing Floor Subject
A Honnold 3rd floor General works
B Honnold 3rd floor Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
C Honnold 3rd floor History (Auxiliary)
D – DS 326 Honnold 3rd floor History (Except the Americas)
DS 327 – DX Mudd 3rd floor, south History (Except the Americas)
E Honnold 4th floor History (US, General)
F Honnold 4th floor History (Local US; the Americas)
G Honnold 4th floor Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
H – HJ Honnold 4th floor Social Sciences
HM – HX Mudd 1st floor Social Sciences
J Mudd 1st floor Political Sciences
K Mudd 1st floor Law
L Mudd 1st floor Education
M Mudd 3rd floor, north Music
N Multi-tier Level 1 Art
P – PM Multi-tier Level 2 Literature
PN 1 – PN 2921 Multi-tier Level 3 Literature
PN 2922 – PQ 7297 Multi-tier Level 4 Literature
PQ 7298 – PR 5013 Multi-tier Level 5 Literature
PR 5014 – PS3511 Multi-tier Level 6 Literature
PS 3511 – PZ Multi-tier Level 7 Literature
Q Honnold 1st floor Science
R Honnold 1st floor Medicine
S Honnold 1st floor Agriculture
T Mudd 1st floor Technology & Engineering
TR Mudd 1st floor Photography
U Honnold 1st floor Military Science
V Honnold 1st floor Naval Science
Z Honnold 1st floor Bibliography & Library Science
REF A – V Multi-tier 3rd Level Reference works
REF Z Honnold 1st floor Bibliography & Library Science Reference
Media Collection Multi-tier Level 3 CDs, DVDs and other media
Periodicals Collection Mudd 2nd floor Newspapers, magazines and other periodicals
Microform Collection Mudd 1st floor Government documents, newspapers, magazines and other periodicals. Browse in-person alphabetically or search for items using Library Search. A microfilm reader is located at Honnold 1 next to the Main Services desk. Please ask for assistance before using the reader.
How to Read a Call Number

Books are shelved in subject order using the Library of Congress classification system. The first letter(s) in the alphanumeric call number designate the book’s major classification. Each subsequent character categorizes the book more specifically.

Item Status Definitions
Reference Status
AVAILABLE Item is available to be checked out.
AVAILABLE COURSE READING Item is available to be checked out in the library for 4 hour increments. Course readings may not leave the library premises.
CHECKED OUT (Date) Item is currently checked out by another user. Item may be requested through Resource Sharing using the Get this Item button.
LIB USE ONLY Item is available for use within the library only.
NOT AVAILABLE Item is not currently available due to loss or theft, or because it is in processing.
ON ORDER Item has been ordered/purchased but is not yet available for check-out.
Special Collections
Name Location
Asian Library Third Floor Honnold side of the Library
Special Collections Second Floor Honnold side of the Library
Additional Campus Collections
Name Location
Denison Library Scripps College, 1090 N. Columbia Ave | Get Directions
California Botanic Garden California Botanic Garden, 1500 N College Ave | Get Directions
Pomona History Department Pomona College: Mason Hall, Rm 121 (550 N Harvard Ave)| Get Directions
Pomona German and Russian Department Pomona College: Mason Hall, Rm 102 (550 N Harvard Ave)| Get Directions
Sprague Harvey Mudd College: Norman F. Sprague Center (240 E Platt Blvd)| Get Directions
Pacific Basin Institute Pomona College: Hahn Hall (420 N. Harvard Ave) | Get Directions
Annex Request through Resource Sharing 
Request Assistance

If you are unable to locate your item, please visit the Main Services Desk or call (909) 621-8150.