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Board of Student Stakeholders

Gain leadership and project management experience, provide feedback on library projects, learn more about library and information services, and develop and implement a library improvement project that benefits all seven of the Claremont Colleges!

About BOSS

Check back in September 2019 to apply to join next year’s team!

The Board of Student Stakeholders (BOSS) is a committee of Claremont Colleges students who meet monthly to provide input on library services, policies, collections, spaces, programming, and technology. Members of BOSS provide feedback on current library initiatives, and serve as ambassadors and advocates for the library across the 7Cs. They work together every year to complete a $3000 library improvement project of their choice.

BOSS members serve for one academic year, which includes seven one-hour meetings and any additional time that might be required to complete the improvement project (this depends on the nature of the project, which BOSS members will determine).

Reasons to join BOSS:

  • Gain leadership and project management experience
  • Provide feedback on library projects
  • Learn more about library and information services
  • Develop and implement a library improvement project that benefits all seven of The Claremont Colleges!
BOSS-Funded Library Improvement Projects
Purchased twenty solar lights, installed on the North and South patio umbrellas.
Purchased chargers for checkout at the Library Services Desk, including chargers for Mac and PC laptops, iPads, and Androids and iPhones.
Funded stress relief programming during Spring finals: therapy dogs, massage therapy, and healthy snacks for the “Night Owls” snack cart.
Purchased new whiteboards for the library and hosted the All-A-Board Whiteboard event!
Purchased a second treadmill desk for the library.
Interested in BOSS?
Margaret Ellsworth
Communications and Programs Coordinator
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