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Addressing ChatGPT in the Library’s Academic Integrity Tutorial

August 29, 2023

The Claremont Colleges Library provides three interactive tutorials that are key to helping students kickstart their academic career: Start Your Research, Getting Started with Literature Reviews, and Exploring Academic Integrity. Students can take these tutorials on their own, or faculty can assign them in their courses.

While we’re always looking to improve our tutorials and keep them up-to-date, we were especially inclined this summer, in light of conversations around generative artificial intelligence (AI) like ChatGPT and Midjourney. With these conversations in mind we reviewed and updated the Library’s Exploring Academic Integrity Tutorial to address how to ethically use ChatGPT.

Several examples and scenarios involving AI have been woven throughout three of the tutorial’s modules. The changes reflect the fast-evolving nature of the technology, emphasizing consultation with faculty and advisors on detailed questions about ethical use of AI, rather than condemning its use outright.

Here’s an example of how we’ve incorporated AI into the Academic Integrity Tutorial:

Screenshot of Academic Integrity Tutorial

All of these changes were made in partnership with Claremont McKenna College, since they require all incoming first-year students to complete the tutorial.

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