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ProQuest TDM Studio for Text & Data Mining

February 23, 2022

One of the more challenging aspects of conducting text and data mining research is collecting the materials for your corpus. If you are interested in working with news sources such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and a variety of other prominent sources, ProQuest’s TDM Studio may help you address this challenge.

TDM Studio is a new research tool offered by the Library that provides a virtual environment in which you can run text mining analyses such as topic modeling and sentiment analysis on large datasets from ProQuest. Among the resources you can enjoy full-text analytic access to are selected current and historical newspapers, dissertations and theses, scholarly articles, and primary source material in the Library’s ProQuest subscription. Researchers may access the platform through an introductory-level visualization platform (no coding required!) or a full-featured hosted Jupyter Notebooks workbench environment supporting Python and R scripting.

Log in directly to TDM Studio with your Claremont credentials here to explore the visualization platform. If you’re interested in setting up a workbench for your research either by yourself or with your research group, contact us at

More information about accessing and using ProQuest TDM Studio is available in our Text and Data Mining Research Guide.