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RefWorks Guide

Learn how to use the basic features of RefWorks to manage your citations

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RefWorks is a web-based research tool that enables you to collect and organize your research for papers and other projects

This page will help you use many of RefWorks’ basic features including:

  • Adding sources to your collection
  • Creating bibliographies and citation

If you would like printed instructions, this is the handout used in library workshops. It covers the basics with getting started in RefWorks.

Using RefWorks
Creating a RefWorks Account

To create a RefWorks account, navigate to the RefWorks homepage and click “Create account.” Then, follow the prompts to set up your account.

Signup screenshot for RefWorks

Working with Documents

What does RefWorks mean when it uses the term Document?

In RefWorks, the term document refers to any of the materials you have added into your RefWorks library.  These can be journal articles, books, or some other source of information that you are using.

There are several ways in which you add documents into your RefWorks library.

  • You can use the Save to RefWorks button in your browser’s bookmarks (usually found in the browser’s Favorite bar) to add documents. Screenshot demonstrating how to save to RefWorks
  • You can use the Add button to add documents.  This enables you to add documents in two ways:
    • by uploading documents from your computer
    • creating a document entry from scratch

Add items to RefWorks

Creating Bibliographies
  1. In RefWorks, select the items you want to be part of the bibliography by clicking on the box next to their title so that a checkmark appears.
  2. Click on the quotation mark in the RefWorks menu bar and select “Create bibliography.”Create Bibliography in RefWorks
  3. Your bibliography will be automatically generated using the default citation style. (You can change the citation style by using the pulldown menu.) You can now copy it and paste it into your document.
Using the Microsoft Word Plug-in

RefWorks offers a convenient Write-N-Cite add-on that allows users to seamless insert and edit citations and create bibliographies within Microsoft Word. In order to install the add-on, perform the following steps:

  1. In RefWorks, click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the page and select Tools from the pulldown menu that appears.Using RefWorks Microsoft plugin
  2. Scroll down to the section of the page that says Cite in Microsoft Word and follow the steps for installing the plug-in for your operating system.Cite in Microsoft from RefWorks

Keep in mind that you will need to sync your RefWorks add-on in Microsoft Word in order to update your references list after adding new references to your library online. To do so, click the Sync Data button  that is located on the toolbar.

Accessing Your RefWorks Account after Graduation

You can still access and use your RefWorks account after you graduate.

  • Alumni will be able to edit and add content, as well as create and export bibliographies.
  • Any links to articles will no longer work as you will no longer have access to the library’s databases.
  • To access your RefWorks account, you will need to log in through the following link:

If you start attending another institution after leaving Claremont (i.e. you start a graduate program), you will want to contact technical support ( to transition your account to work with your new institution’s resources.

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