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Introducing the New Library Website

January 1, 2019

Perhaps the most extensive renovation we undertook this year was a major overhaul of the library’s website. Our online presence is our “first door” – many users’ first interaction with our collections and services. We spent the last two years revamping the site’s content and design, fully bringing into the 21st century.

Creating this website was a multi-year process. We kept users at the forefront for the entire time, creating personas to keep the diverse needs of students and faculty in mind. Personas ranged from Harvey Mudd senior “Daniel” (who professes “an organic love for inorganic chemistry”) to political science professor “Alfred” (describing himself as “constantly impressed by young minds”). These fictional personas were informed by and continued by extensive user testing from a wide cross-section of The Claremont Colleges’ community. This got us started on a complete design overhaul.

This update gives the site a more professional look—the first major change in over a decade—that is easy to read and navigate on computers, phones, and tablets. The content has also been heavily revised with one central question in mind: “What is the user trying to accomplish on this page?” The new site seeks to connect users with library resources and services in as quick and easy a way as possible. Everything on the site, from the catalog to the librarians’ curated lists of resources for each subject, now has a similar look and feel.

Our dynamic and intuitive search bar also searches the full breadth of our resources. When you enter a question or keyword in the search bar, the site will suggest resources in our catalog, research guides, and the website. This gets you to the most relevant information as soon as possible.

Other improvements include:

  • A new section especially for faculty, containing frequently used resources, such as information on how to schedule an instruction session or place a book on reserve (Course Readings).
  • Improved accessibility features, using easy-to-read fonts and adaptive design that exceeds Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.
  • An improved content management system that allows library staff to make quick edits, ensuring that the site is consistently up-to-date.
  • Highlighted news and events on the homepage, allowing you to quickly and easily see what’s going on in the library.
  • A DIY system for study room reservations, showing the real-time availability of our popular study rooms and allowing you to book the rooms ahead of time.