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Library Search Tips & Tricks: Searching by Call Number

February 14, 2019

Library Search Tips & Tricks

Using nu: in front of a call number (with or without a space after the colon) lets you conduct a search for a complete or partial call number.

If the call number you enter is an exact match, you will be brought immediately to the record for the item with that call number (example). If several titles share the same call number as you have entered it, you will get a list of items (example). You can start a search with a specific call number and then delete portions of it to browse a list of items in that call number range.

Note: when doing a call number search, you will only get results for items in The Claremont Colleges Library collection. These are the only items with call numbers assigned and searchable within our system. If you get no results that means we do not have the item associated with that call number.

For more assistance, you can always Ask Us through phone, email, or chat. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks in using Library Search!