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Celebrating the winners of the Library Undergraduate Research Award 2018

January 1, 2019

Winning students and faculty sponsors at the Library Undergraduate Research Award ceremony, April 2018

Senior Award

Chloe Bazlen, Scripps
Project title: “Making Artemisia:
The Creation of Reputation in Baroque Florence”
Faculty sponsor: George Gorse

Lena-Phuong Tran, Pitzer
Project title: “Embodying the Other:
Effects of Experiencing the Rubber Hand Illusion in Virtual Reality on Implicit Racial Biases”
Faculty sponsor: Laura Johnson

Junior Award

Aleo Pugh, Pitzer
Project title: “An Insidious Exchange:
Racial Balance for Black Inferiority”
Faculty sponsor: Maryan Soliman

Sophomore Award

Jordan Grimaldi, Pomona
Project title: “Models of Growth and Colonial Implications in the Renewable Energy Sector in Africa”
Faculty sponsor: Teresa Sabol Spezio

First-Year Award

Carmen Sherlock, Scripps
Project title: “Subverting the Systems:
Strength in Victimhood through Malcolm X’s Anti-Jeremiad”
Faculty sponsor: Kimberly Drake

Group Award

Gao Yijia, Hu Pengbo, Jacob Waldor, and Wang Zelin, Pomona
Project title: “Cultural Fever:
Utopianism and Pragmatism in Chinese Intellectuals’ Search for Modernization”
Faculty sponsor: Allan Barr

Data Visualization Award

Dray Denson, Pomona
Project title: “The Black Studies Project:
Uncovering the History of the Black Studies Center at the Claremont Colleges”
Faculty sponsor: Maryan Soliman

Music Award (funded from the library’s Seymour Music Endowment)

Lina Purscher, Scripps
Project title: “An American Myth in the (Re)Making:
The Timeless Fantasy Appeal of ‘The King and I’”
Faculty sponsor: Michelle Decker